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Monday, March 24, 2008

#10 Installing Things

Men are often asked to undertake important tasks. The installations of home improvement items, electrical systems, car parts, and other similar things, are jobs that Men are frequently called to tackle. It is a burden in some respects, but make no mistake, these are duties Men enjoy. It provides a natural testosterone boost and something to casually discuss at the next chance encounter with other Men.

The typical circumstance for a Man's installation of something goes as follows: A woman requests that the Man install a particular item in her home and/or car. It is bonus points if the woman is not directly engaged in a serious relationship with the Man and lives in an entirely different home. The Man accepts the request with nonchalance and heads to the installation site with his own set of tools and equipment. It is here where he undertakes the first on-site assessment of the situation and deems the project more complex and difficult than anticipated.

That, of course, is not a problem, but a blessing for the Mantivity score. The Man knows this, but the woman does not. The Man reacts accordingly. For example, "Yes, that does mean I'll have to move this three ton concrete block with just my bare hands. No, no, I don't think it will be a problem. I'm here, might as well get it done."Any verbal exaggeration in this regard is deemed appropriate, but it is important that the Man appear confident and undeterred.

A Man can also install things professionally by becoming a cable guy, a plumber, or a Home Depot installation expert. This is a Manly way to make a living. The variables associated with this Mantivity mean that there is large score range. It ranges from 2.7 to 3.5 depending on what is being installed and where (for example, installing a new carburetor in an old car receives a higher score than installing a towel rack in a pink bathroom). Bonus points for using tools, becoming dirty, and not referring to any kind of directional-like reading materials for assistance.

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