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Friday, March 14, 2008

#2 Wearing Flannel Shirts

Generally, clothes are not a topic of discussion or thought among men, and rightfully so. Man dress code is programmed into the DNA make up of the male species, and therefore there is no need to discuss it, though they are some exceptions. A classic and important piece of Male clothing is the flannel shirt.

The flannel shirt was developed in the midwest, a Manly region of the country. It allows Men to feel and be more rugged. It is the choice of outdoorsMen around the world for its warmth, strength, and convenient front pocket. The best colors schemes for flannel shirts are those in red, gray, and blue. However, the more outrageously ugly the color is, the more Manly it is, as having a good eye for style is not Manly.

The Mantivity score for wearing a flannel shirt is based on color, where it is being worn (the mountains, grassland, etc), and what is being carried in the front pocket. Items such as maps, chewing tobacco, and/or a small pair of pliers, earn bonus points. 2.5 to 3 is the Mantivity score range for wearing a flannel shirt.

1 comment:

So-lo said...

Grunge look all over again. Don't forget the work boots.